Subject Matter Expert (SME)


A subject matter expert (SME) is a person with a unique skill set and deep understanding of a specific product, technology, or field. SMEs exist in every industry and are sought after to solve complex issues.

What is the role of the SME?

An SME’s role will vary greatly depending on several factors like their area of expertise or whether they’re an in-house manager versus a hired consultant. In some instances, you may need an SME to test a product, while other times, you may need them to create and implement a marketing strategy. It just depends.


Why does a startup need a SME?

Potentially the top-of-mind concern for every startup is growth. SMEs who can bring in new business and salvage existing business through their expertise are invaluable. And in doing so, not only do they help grow revenue, but they also free up time for startup founders to address other concerns of the business. Their ability to spot trends and identify areas of opportunity is why, these days, you’re seeing more SMEs get the title of Chief Growth Officer (CGO).

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