Updated December 15, 2021

Below is a summary of the startup requirements and basic deal mechanics for our cohort application process. Additional details may apply.


LogicBoost Labs is a B2B SaaS (business-to-business, software as a service) startup accelerator. We take B2B SaaS companies from early revenue through $1MM ARR (annual recurring revenue). In general, we expect this process to take up to two years, at which point the company graduates from our accelerator program.

Startup Requirements

  1. Your company’s main line of business is providing a B2B SaaS solution. LogicBoost Labs is not concerned with the specific vertical/domain.
  2. Recurring revenue must be your primary financial model. Any services or ancillary revenue streams should be incidental.
  3. You have a demonstrable MVP (minimum viable product). If you require initial research and development, LogicBoost Labs will kindly refer you to an incubator partner.
  4. You must be early or pre-revenue. If pre-revenue, you must demonstrate papered partnerships, letters of intent, or similar indicators of early market validation.
  5. Your solution does not require a custom hardware component. LogicBoost Labs has a focus purely on software.
  6. Your company must be incorporated in the United States.

What LogicBoost Labs Provides

LogicBoost Labs provides cash and operational services to qualified startups. We are not a consulting shop, and our services are delivered effectively on a cost basis.
  • Cash on the balance sheet. The maximum initial deal size is $300,000 – cash and services combined.
  • Access to experts (Our Team – LogicBoost Labs)
    • Ongoing mentoring for two years.
    • Services: we embed our experts in your company on an agreed-upon basis. They are part of your team, doing the work as needed. Services must be utilized within the first year.
    • A convertible note for follow-up funding needs.

What LogicBoost Labs Requires

  • 20% equity stake
  • Up to two board seats

Cohort Application Process

After submitting your application, we typically respond within two business days to schedule next steps. Successful applicants undergo legal, financial, and technical due diligence, including a background check.


Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding our requirements or the cohort application process.