Free Startup KPI Worksheet

Benchmark your B2B SaaS Startup on these crucial KPIs 

It’s easy as the founder of an early-stage B2B SaaS startup to get caught up in the glamorous parts of the job. But the behind-the-scenes work — tracking, analyzing, and acting on the data your company’s performance provides — is just as vital to your success. Knowing what information to measure, though, can be half the battle



In this Free Startup KPI Worksheet

  • 50 KPI's and targets every B2B SaaS Startup should be tracking in 2023
  • 10 must-know KPIs every investor will expect you to know
  • Goals and benchmarks for success for every startup's first few months

Check out our Startup Terminology Glossary for an explanation on these acronyms and models.

About this worksheet and LogicBoost Labs

LogicBoost Labs provides this worksheet as a simple way to benchmark KPIs for the first year of an early B2B SaaS startup - one that is pre-seed with an MVP and ready to start selling.    

Our approach is to provide enough initial investment to get the startup to breakeven in the first year and then grow from there either organically or with more investment from us.