Hi Founder. 


We respect the hell out of what you’re doing. You could be collecting a paycheck from a cushy corporate job, but you’re not. 

You’re out there trying to sell, fundraise, build products, and convince top talent to join you. It’s tough, and worth it. We’ve sat in your seat. As builders, we see something of ourselves in you.

You landed on this page because you want to know what we’re about. The short answer: we’re a different breed of VC and we’re rethinking how deals get done.

We started this company with a mission to help fewer founders, in deeper ways. The plan was never to bet on hundreds of companies and hope one is a grand-slam. From day one, we expected to be all-in with our time and talent.

We know things now that we didn’t before. Our hard won experience led to some great exits, and now we’re putting those learnings to work for you. We’ll help you avoid pitfalls and race toward revenue with purpose.

We thrive on the chaos of seed stage life. Our eyes are on meaningful ARR, and we wouldn’t waste your time if we didn’t believe we'd get there together.

We promise to work alongside you. You won’t see us lobbing tired startup truisms over email. Expect us to roll up our sleeves and jump in, including building products, troubleshooting bugs, making sales calls, hunting for new hires, and delighting customers.

We respect your autonomy as a founder and practice the Goldilocks principle of venture: Don’t micromanage, and don’t be disinterested. We find a sweet spot of trust and involvement.

We care about more than numbers. Sure, metrics matter. But we know that great businesses and founder potential may not appear Day 1 in a spreadsheet. Intangibles matter, we’ll get to know you.  

We believe in founders who don’t call the Bay Area or Silicon Valley home. There’s a saying, “talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not.” We’ve invested in founders from coast to coast. For us, a bit of underdog grit isn’t a bad thing.

If you want a better VC experience and are ready to build alongside a bunch of hungry former operators, let’s chat. 


Cheering for you, 

- Jonathan, Chris, Michael, Kaitlin, Josh, & Ryan