Newswire: "LogicBoost Labs Expands Portfolio to Include Immersive HR Technology Platform RemoteBridge"

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Every VC says they partner.
 We actually do

Company building
without us
Company building
with us
Exist as just another portfolio company logo on a big VC firm website.  Enjoy consistent attention among a small, tightly integrated portfolio of exceptional founders.
Settle for subpar talent because “it’s all you can afford.” Bring proven VPs onto your staff. We pay for them, you succeed with them. 
Hide your struggles and bottle up personal and professional challenges. Find freedom in our culture; we know how hard it is to succeed. No pressure, guilt, or shame. Just help. 
Look out for manipulative terms and fundraising ‘gotchas.’ Trust clear, mutually-beneficial capital raising terms.


Our Approach

How We’re Different.